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Become one of 10,000 Defiants, sustain your livelihood within the Defiant Digisphere, and take your place in shaping a new future.

$CRUX tokens are the core of our Digisphere and are generated by the 3,888 Defiants equipped with yield weapons. Don’t have a weapon on mint? Build one in our Core Crux Laboratory.

10,000 Defiants | 3,888 Yield Weapons | 350+ Unique Traits | 10 Trait Categories


It is the near future. The world economy has collapsed under the strain of archaic practices and the results of a genetically engineered virus.

The world is in chaos, particularly Western countries where forced orthodoxy led to financial collapse. This paved the way for a hostile takeover by a cabal of technocrats, old money and corrupt politicians with access to expensive anti-aging technologies – the Immortality Treatment Elite, or ITE.

Most of the world’s population have been thoroughly domesticated, force fed dopamine through mindless entertainment and kept in giant arcology homes where they have become both product and user.
An elite group of freedom fighters, led by MOLE, Brainiac and REDhead orchestrated a revolution against the ITE and their tyrannical government puppets.

Calling themselves ‘the Defiant’, they transcribed their consciousnesses through an experimental device called the ‘Atrium Crux’ which re-encoded the imprint of each Defiant as a Non-Fungible ERC-721 Token (NFT) on the Ethereum Blockchain.

These consciousnesses were later to be deployed into ‘Shells’, bio-mechanically enhanced cyber-bodies, able to fight the ITE in both the physical world and the Digisphere.

Welcome to the future, Defiant.


Yield generating weapons designed to beat the system, sophisticated clues left in tx hashes and automatically printed serial numbers by the blockchain on the NFT, and The Brain Trust DAO that will give our community the chance to sustain their livelyhood outside of 'normal' society inside our Digisphere. We strive for utility first and foremost.
Yield Generating Weapons

From the 10,000 minted Shell NFTs, only 3,888 will be equipped with weapons that generate yield. Didn't get a weapon on mint? No worries. You can build your own weapon with $CRUX on the Core Crux Laboratory.

Serial Numbers Printed on NFT

Every Atrium Crux will be attributed a serial number from birth. Generated from the blockchain printed onto the Shell NFT. These will be used to help Citizens become part of the Defiant through Easter Egg Hunts.

Value Metaverse Tokenomics

NFT holders are rewarded $CRUX tokens that can be spent in our exclusive value Metaverse. Our Ecosystem is only accessible to holders.


As technology advances, so do The Defiant. In the inititial stage they are able to mint their essence into androgynous Shell NFTs. As the minting of their surrogate cyborg bodies NFT proceeds, The Defiant initiate the next phases of their mission to take back the world that once belonged to the people.




Gain access to alpha knowledge, become part of our Value Metaverse and explore this new world together. The Defiants are partnering up with The Sandbox and the integration of our first playable avatars is now in development.

PHASE BRAVO: Crux Core Laboratory

During Phase Charlie we will open up access to the Core Crux Laboratory. In the CCL, dedicated NFT holders will receive $CRUX tokens over time as a way to add value and innovation to their NFT and the Brain Trust. $CRUX tokens are generated passively, but can also be purchased on a DEX.

These tokens can be used to add both utility and value to your Defiants NFT over time in a variety of ways. For example, create more (or better) weapons that assist in generating additional yield and build a new Atrium Crux that lets you breed the next generation of Defiant NFTs.

Initially, you will be able to customise your Defiants NFT avatar in numerous ways. From there we plan to build an integrated infrastructure within which you will be able to exchange $CRUX tokens for knowledge and opportunities that may have been previously out of reach.

Our plan is to create something greater than the sum of its parts, a functional digital ecosystem of value.

PHASE CHARLIE: The Brain Trust: Bounty DAO

We are developing our own dynamic ecosystem within the Defiants, where NFT holders can gain large bounties in $CRUX tokens. These bounties will be paid through the treasury.

Using a DAO as a management system, Defiants NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs in order to vote on what proposals are valuable for the community and generate $CRUX from a community treasury. To fill the community treasury, we will:

  • Raise ETH during pre-sale and public sale events.
  • Claim 5% royalties from secondary market sales for the treasury.


250/10,000 Defiants will be set aside for the community helpers and for those who helped us to grow it, including giveaways and raffles – randomly generated, no special treatment.

25% minted

1 ETH will be given to raffle giveaway winners in the Discord Channel

50% minted

2 ETH will be given to raffle giveaway winners in the Discord Channel

60% minted

2 ETH for the growth of community funds where we pay out people who contribute to the ecosystem.

75% minted

3 ETH will be given to a raffle giveaway winners in the Discord Channel.

100% minted

10 ETH will be sent to the DAO treasury to fund the initial phase of our Brain Trust.
Defiants NFT Holders can now access the Exclusive Defiants Channels on our Discord after verification and receive ‘The Defiant’ Role.
30 random Defiants will be airdropped to 30 Defiants NFT holders.


  • April 2021
    Team assembly, brainstorms, designers, and artists scouted. Conceptual Metaverse development starts.
  • August 2021
    Artwork is in full process, and smart contracts development starts.
  • September 2021
    Development of the Metaverse starts. Sandbox partnership and 3D Playable Avatars are being developed.
  • October 2021
    Teaser Launch. Block number printing and Automative NFT generating smart contracts are ready to be deployed.
  • November 2021
    Public Launch of NFT collection and $CRUX token smart contracts.
  • Q1 2022
    The Sandbox implementation is ready.
  • Q3 2022
    Next-generation 3D Avatar Companion drop is ready.
  • Q4 2022
    The Brain Trust Bounty DAO is ready to launch.


As technology had advanced, The Defiants were now able to mint their essence into androgynous Shell NFTs. As the minting of their Shell cyborg bodies NFT proceeds, the Defiants initiate Phase Alpha of their mission to take back the world that once belonged to the people...
Ezra, the Defiant

Some say that Ezra was the first voice of the Defiants and that they are the glue that binds the Defiant force together. A shadowy figure of unknown origin, Ezra rose from the MINT to guide the Defiants to victory through dedication, perseverance and community. No part of the Digisphere is too remote for Ezra to find their way to and no barrier can block their path.

Pro Strength: Management & Development
Unique Trait: Perseverance
Others Describe: Inspirational
Proud Project: Online Community Builder, Business Leader, Ground floor NFT guru
Function: Project Manager

REDhead/Anklehumper, the Defiant

While many Defiants focus on the here-and-now, REDhead/Anklehumper is the visionary behind the Defiant cause. Long term strategic thinking, planning and conceptual considerations are their strength – so much so that it is rumoured that they often split off into two Templates at once to bounce ideas off their other self.

Pro Strength: Macro-vision
Unique Trait: Personable Ginger
Others Describe: Big Picture Leader
Proud Project: Marketing for Unilever, Philips, SPAR
Function: Project Lead

Brainiac, the Defiant

Leading from the front, Brainiac is a digital maestro, a code commander and a charismatic leader. On the front lines of the fight against the ITE, Brainiac has been resleeved into dozens of bodies, but can always be identified by the impressive moustache affixed to each. Genius designer of the Atrium Crux, Brainiac dreams of being able to implement the Infinity Cascade and finishing the planned consciousness upload.

Pro Strength: Programming
Unique Trait: Moustache
Others Describe: Honest & Responsible
Function: Project Lead

Stephanus/Nutt, the Defiant

Nutt is the heart of the Defiant, the one who inspires the rest during dark times. Able to quickly adapt to the new world the Defiants were reborn into, rejon helped each make peace with their new, biosculpted bodies, crafting external identity signifiers to match the deep code implemented by Nutt.

Pro Strength: Adaptable & Quick Learner
Unique Trait: Honest
Others Describe: Cheerful & Emphatic
Proud Project: International Art Commission
Function: Concept Design

Josarvida, the Defiant

Josarvida has plumbed the dark heart of horror and returned to life as a determined agent of the Defiant. Spearheading the visual resistance, Josarvida has become a viral sensation in the dull grey world of the ITE, challenging the conformity with visuals and aesthetics designed to break minds out of the control of the arcologies and win the people over to the cause of the Defiants.

Pro Strength: Freehand & Aesthetics
Unique Trait: Listener
Others Describe: Reliable & Artistic
Proud Project: Worked on Grimmerspace
Function: Illustrator

David Cahya Kusuma/NoCarbz, the Defiant

An elite hacker and masterful designer, NoCarbz has one of the most challenging tasks of all the Defiant – maintaining the individual identities of each Defiant as they emerge from the Atrium Crux into the MINT and adopt their new bodies. By implementing recursive algorithms, NoCarbz has been able to give each Defiant a unique identity to set them apart from the masses controlled by the ITE.

Pro Strength: Disciplined & Timely
Unique Trait: Cheerful
Others Describe: Friendly & Professional
Function: Designer and Illustrator

Anton/Avernum, the Defiant

Avernum is deeply embedded in the Atrium Crux, acting as an integral part of the design process. Experiments with recursive fractals still led to homogeneity in Template design until Avernum injected a much needed chaos element into the process, using design techniques culled from the spheres of both art and magic.

Pro Strength: Patience
Unique Trait: Loves imagination
Others Describe: CG Magician
Proud Project: Fantasy Illustration project
Function: Artist

Ben/Worldbuilder, the Defiant

Is the Worldbuilder a Defiant? Whatever it is, it seems aligned with their cause, mining data from within the Digisphere to cull information from the ITE and transfer it to the Defiants. Somehow, it holds the keys to knowledge of the old ways and a vision of the future. Some question if it is some form of predictive AI born of the scraps of the old internet deep within the Digisphere.

Pro Strength: Creativity & Idea generation
Unique Trait: Relentless
Others Describe: Creative & Alternative
Proud Project: Funded first Kickstarter
Function: Writer


When are The Defiants Dropping?

To Be Announced. The Defiants are coming – 10,000 generative NFTs, including 3,888 rare ones that are equipped with yield generating weapons.

How Much Will The Defiants Cost?

Presale for the whitelisted @Early Adopter will cost 0.08ETH + Gas/per 1x mint, maximum 2 mints per wallet, maximum 2 mints per transaction.

Public sale cost will be 0.08ETH + Gas/per 1x mint, maximum 5 mints per transaction.

How to get Whitelisted?

You need to have the @Early Adopter role, once you have it, you are automatically added to the whitelist.

Get whitelisted on 🔥┃get-whitelisted channel here.

How many different attributes do The Defiants have?

The Defiants are made up of 350+ different total traits. These traits will be completely randomized by AI upon minting, so each NFT will be completely unique.

How do I purchase a Defiant?

The Defiants will be available for purchase ONLY on our website on https://thedefiantsnft.com/ – You will need to have a MetaMask wallet to be able to purchase. All you have to do is connect your MetaMask to our website and select the number of Defiants that you are looking to mint.

When will The Defiants be revealed?

24 hours after the public sale.

What type of token is an Defiant?

Each Defiant is an ERC-721 token. The Image will be hosted on IPFS, providing quality and durability.

Who are The Defiants?

Find out who we are in the 👤┃about channel here.

Why The Defiants? What makes you different?

Every NFT will be automatically attributed/branded with a blocknumber from the minting transaction. We will print the blocknumber on the image through our smartcontract. This ensure authenticity and protects you from inauthentic sellers.


:check_mark:YIELD GENERATING WEAPONS From the 10,000 minted Shell NFTs, only a small portion will be equipped with weapons that generate yield. Didn’t get a weapon on mint? No worries. You can build your own weapon with $CRUX in the Core Crux Laboratory.


:check_mark: 10,000 Customizable Unique Avatars Customise your NFT, build a new Atrium Crux for a next-gen NFT, or build a yield generating weapon. All of this can be done in our Crux Core Laboratory using $CRUX. The Defiant are also partnering up with The Sandbox and the integration of our first playable avatars is now in development.


:check_mark: The Brain Trust: Career opportunities DAO We are building our own ecosystem where people sustain their livelihood outside of the current corrupt system. Anyone can apply for paid opportunities and NFT holders can find employees through these jobs and pay them with $CRUX tokens.

Can I upgrade my Defiant, the actual NFT?

NO, The Defiants are unique pieces of art, we don’t like to play with that. Each one is a reflection of the NFT on the blockchain. The Defiants are powered by the Blockchain.

What can the community expect?

You can definitely expect a mindfu*k. That’s what we’re here to do. Check our roadmap and see for yourself.

What is your vision for the project?

We are The Defiants, we are here to redefine modern society and stand up against a new world order through this project. Society will never be the same. Our motivation is not coming from selling NFTs but rather from creating a community driven project where every member matters and all members are equal. Think about this as a decentralized community.


Our end goal is to raise a revolutionary and exclusive community of like minded people where the most important values are freedom & authenticity.


We are aiming to have the community drive this project as we are true believers that anything is possible. We are the Defiants, we come in big numbers.